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Netflix expands its anime assortment by a hotly coveted successor. Tojo s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean should appear this year.

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Tojo s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean gets release appointment on Netflix

After the Anime Series Tojo s Bizarre Adventure has experienced a rule-right hype in recent years, Netflix now claws the rights for the sixth season. For the first time in the history of the series, the main role goes to a female protagonist: Jolene Duo, the daughter of Jo taro, the protagonist of the third season.

That the new season comes to Netflix has been known for a few months. But now the official release date is fixed: On 1 December 2021 the episodes 1 to 12 will appear worldwide. Fans had already calculated with a release in 2022, so the announcement is particularly surprising. (Source: Twitter / Tojo s Bizarre Adventure)

What s up in the new season?

Each season of Tojo s Bizarre Adventure plays at a different time and another place. This time it goes into a high-security prison in Florida of the year 2011. Protagonist Jolene is convicted of 15 years imprisonment and now not only has to be around with dangerous occupants, but also with strange forces.

You can see a first trailer with German subtitles here:

Although Jolene gets to know her father for the first time, she should not expect too much stirrings. As usual, the Sixth Season Tojo s Bizarre Adventure will produce a lot Humor, Brutal fighting and bizarre situations.

Stone Ocean will again tell its own story for which she would not necessarily have sawed the seasons before. Since the logic behind the stand and other skills of the characters but can be a bit confusing, you should still lead the previous seasons anyway. Before all things, of course, because the series in anime circles is not without reason is celebrated.

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