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Wake up, son.

Nova (9th) Today (9 days), the new action game was released through its YouTube channel. Last May, the first publication of

is a game that deals with Puppet inspiration, and is a game that deals with Pinocchio. It is also a point that Neobali-Shard Round 8 studio is being developed by Neo wiz.

Wais P - Clubber Lang ft. Paul Wall​,​Termanology & KXNG Crooked (Produced by Statik Selektah)

The most prominent thing in the published teaser is the action of Pinocchio.

Pinocchio in the video expands a combat with a variety of machine monsters, connecting the basic attack to put the combo or cast a river. It is also likely that a variety of attack patterns are likely to appear in addition to physical attacks, as well as a scene that are pouring flames or electrical attacks, or using a graphic-pulled-up, and using a graphical captain with a fabric. If you have a relative attack on the correct timing, a point is also a point that kind of execution motion appears.

It s also noteworthy for monsters visuals. The monsters emerged in the video are bridal, carrying a candlestick, waving the street, shaking the wheel, and carrying the wagon wheel, and the object that is estimated to be the body is somewhat bizarre form. In addition, large monsters are also largely larger than Pinocchio.

This is a part that can be guessed that this classical fairy tale Pinocchio was twisted properly.

Round 8 Studio Park Sung-joon Studio is a lie in the motif in

. The word lying is a lot of fun, and it is possible to have a variety of interpretations. The users are truthful, lying, Pinocchio is a story that matches such a material.

is served as console and PC platform, and is aiming for global simultaneous release.

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