Riemann at the VfL Bochum in focus The daddy penalty of the league

What a strange football match in Bochum: VFL struggling Cofferdam down in a wild spectacle. In the last minute of stoppage time Milos Antonio stopped the tremor with a sensational win. The history of the game but is another.

Which can only be subjective, of course, answer whether it has been given this Saturday afternoon the stupidest penalty Bundesliga history. But the subjective answer is yes, the penalty, which the VFL Bochum in the home game Anne Cast roper was against TSG Cofferdam was not to provide historical stupidity.

Which up to that moment actually superior Florian Drillisch popping 73 minutes completely the fuses. The Austrian pushes Bochum burly attacker SOMA Dorothy, seven minutes, the one before with his first Bundesliga goal: 0 had achieved with anger and force to. Why did he do that? Well, the Hungarian had many gestures complained after two duels and demanded penalty.

Drillisch not fit the manifest. And in his anger he allowed himself to be carried away challenge. After only the briefest hesitation, referee Frank Wallenberg was finally Penalty for VFL. Quite rightly, as our expert Alex Eberhardt (Collins heirs) judges. I continue to have great respect for this decision Wallenberg. After the duel, the situation vigilant eye on and see this challenge, that s strong.

See Collins heirs dumb penalty

And because Dorothy not exploited theatrically to shove, but actually just fell over by the force of the impact, it was just a clear foul. Or just a historical stupidity. You have to really ask: What does the players out to a more stupid penalty in the Bundesliga I can not remember, and I am also around longer, agrees Eberhardt.

In training, explains our expert, the referees would always give along the way: expect the unexpected (expect the unexpected). You could not prepare all the curiosities of a game the referees indicated. All the better to react when the director then as confident and secure. And Wallenberg happening as particularly prominent. He was always a little underestimated, is Eberhardt. He would like to see that the 42-year-old even gets a great game.

Hardly a referee in the Bundesliga has to rely as Wallenberg so rare on the video wizard. Last season there was a VAR use in nine games. That he, of all people, in Bochum at 1: Required 0 (Displaying offside the Linesman), once again the support from Cologne, which does not really suit him.

Sometimes it just exaggerates Riemann

As bizarre the penalty came about as bizarre, the game continued. Because the point was to carry no player ready but goalkeeper Manuel Riemann. He was most recently at the bird wild second-round victory in the German Cup against FC Augsburg (. 7: 6 n E.) as the last shooter in the final duel — minutes before extracting a substitute for the penalty shoot-out — competed. And had met.

In Bochum, he had thus continued to work on his myth. But in its first-awaited Bundesliga season it apparently wants all the visitors and always prove. But not always this obsessive ambition leads the 33-year-olds to wise decisions.

Now he came up again. He sent a strong Milos Antonio after a quite heated conversation away who had been willing to take responsibility. But this time the ball did not land in the gate, but in the late afternoon sky over the Ruhrstadion (76).

Riemann is arrogant because Depp as

Now he is a bit of an arrogant Depp as found Cofferdam Christoph Baumgartner. If he had pure shot him, then all would have said, what a horny guy. We should not make too big. I would not say that it was disrespectful.

In fact, Riemann, who is known as a very good shooter in the league no Goalkeeping lone assassin from eleven meters. Unforgettable is the legendary Hans-Joerg Butt, who also awarded for Hamburger SV, Bayer Leverkusen and Bavaria turned a total of 37 penalties eight times. It was he who eleven years ago and who ran as far last keeper from the point. On 30 January 2010, he was denied by Mainz Heinz Müller.

The decision in this game, in which the TSG in the first half was a little better and had several good statements about Andrew Dramatic, Has Bebop and Drillisch, was postponed. About another 21 minutes. Bochum further pressed on the decision, but missed on Trauma Asana (volley at the bar) and Merit Boltzmann (detached the post) two huge things before Antonio still had his magic moment.

What a spectacular shot

After a last corner of Oppenheimer with the entranced goalkeeper Oliver Baumann, the ball landed over Boltzmann at Antonio, who had seen the left outer train forward. The Serb slows down the pace immediately, looking and shot. From the sideline his teammates had confessed him to bring the ball on the armed gate. In an emergency, there would be Boltzmann, one of the fastest players of the league. He sprinted with two TSG players in the middle. But Antonio decided for the recommended variant — and was rewarded. His half-high-shot ball hit 66 meters punctually next to the left post. It was the first Bundesliga hit for the noble joker, who was already in Cup Match winner next to Riemann.

On the side, his re-enable and completely uncomfortable colleagues ran a few meters. Antonio stopped and looked at. And when he was sure the ball was in the goal, as he spread his arms and let himself be celebrated. But he did not tend to euphoria. He has trust in his left foot. So he shot. Besides, he was pretty much good on it, and therefore wanted to shoot the penalty. That Riemann left the ball, he also commented soberly. It was better, two would argue as if all hide.

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Even before his decisive goal, the disagreement was cleared at the point. And in the end, it s just, just like that, Antonio found, It s very important that we won the game. Subjectively considered is completely correct. The VFL is as a climber after now 11 match days with 13 points temporarily ranked 12 (which is a wild number game).

Tobias Norman

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