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A few months after the mixed Remaster of Shin Megami Tensei 3, Shin Megami Tensei 5 stands in the starting blocks. Again in Tokyo, and again city and world are threatened by the downfall. This time, however, no grouping or a bad overlord is behind the disaster.

Instead, a war between demons and angels is the reason why the Japanese capital in which we find ourselves is in ruins. But not only crazy stories make the lap-based role-playing game, even tactical struggles have always been a major component of the Shin-Megami Tensei series.

Without careful preparation we are lost. And now we clarify whether this established concept, this time at least with significantly improved optics, continues to prove and whether the story, packed with Christian symbolism, convinced.

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I know that!

As in all parts of the series, we start the adventure in the role of a simple student. When we follow a classmates who receive videos of mysterious events in his free time, we become fainted – zack, already we are in the middle. As far as the eye is enough: only sand. Where there were houses before, there are only ruins left and it becomes clear: the Tokyo, as we know it, no longer exists.

Trayvon Bromell Start Block Technique - Slow Motion
We can also discover a few secondary missions in the game world, these are sometimes actually quite interesting! Source: PC Games As a student, of course, we are not trained for the fight, but it does not matter as we follow us shortly after our arrival of the Demon Aogami. Why he visited us who he is and also his motivations will be explained in the later gameplay. What we learn early: The world was based on a war between demons and angels. Anyone who has ever heard of a obscure book called Bible, some information about the backstory of the war is certainly known.

However, the basic history of the game is also attributable outside this aspect to a biblical extent, because what develops within history is JRPG-typically exaggerated, but suitable for the dystopic root of Shin Megami Tensei 5.

Despite the epic story, not too much time is wasted to tell them. Unlike the Sister Series Persona, we hang ourselves from a great moment to the next. However, that s not bad because the focus of the series is on the tactical fighting. In addition, the story gives us again and again through the interesting companions, who collect themselves around our heroes.

In the level rise, we get random values ​​assigned, but can also assign a point itself. Source: PC Games You all have your own motivations and secrets that reveal yourself in the course of the game, we also witness one or the other character development. But this is also necessary as our game character has nothing of all.

There is not much talk between the key torques. From time to time, our fusion buddy Aogami speaks with us, here and there we meet friendly minded demons, but in itself our stumber protagonist with the also silent demons on the road, which we win for our site. When the main character opens the mouth once, then in the form of answer options we choose.

Too bad: Almost all answer and action options that offer us in the dialogues are completely irrelevant, as the following scenes in most cases play exactly the same way.

Snap you all! Or just talk to you.

As in the predecessors, we can talk to all opposites, except Bossen, and convince you to join us. For this we need to estimate what answers our opposite wants to hear. Helpful there is already a look at the designs of the monsters, sweet elves want to be caressed, while muscle-packed grobiane prefer the on the mouth variant.

The appearance of most demons was inspired by religions and fabulous creatures from different cultures; Who is interested, is particularly pleased with the unusual interpretations of various legislators. But not only externally, the demons show versatile, even all values, skills and resistance are unique, making us a custom team to be prepared against all enemies.

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