Arcane The Riot Games series sneaks into the big cities around the world

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Arcane | Official Trailer | Netflix
Arcane, the first series of Riot Games inspired by the world of League of Legends is a few days after its world premiere by Netflix and Twitch after the final of the worlds 2021 that will face DWG and EDG. The investment of the US company seems to be quite large, since events in all their games along with different gifts and collaborations with giant games such as Pub Mobile or Fortnite: Battle Royale indicate that they are giving everything to make the premiere everything a Success, with millions of spectators around the world. Well, during the last days you have been able to see giant posters in the largest and most important cities on the planet.

Arcane has begun to appear in large cities in the world where the League of Legends is quite loved. As expected, South Korea has prepared a cafeteria full inspired by the Riot Games series, so we can have breakfast at a bar in the center of the Mechanical city of Piltover. On the other hand, in New York It has been seen in full city center Large posters announcing the arrival of Jinx and company to Netflix to tell us their adventures around the Zaun region.

In the Russian city of Moscow. They have also been left to be seen in Brazil, but this time in a very sophisticated way: along a subway ticket and with the message of enters the Submund of Zaun, Indicating the environment that this city will have within the series starring the craziest sisters of the summoner crack.

Finally, the most spectacular announcement has left Riot Games about Arcane: Illuminate the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world, in its entirety with the atmosphere of Piltover and Zaun through a video where it turns around To these two regions that will appear in the Netflix animation series. It seems that money is not a problem for the company and the American producer if we see macroanuncios that have been seen all over the world. We will have to see if Jinx, VI and Caitlyn let themselves be seen by Puerta del Sol or we will not have the opportunity to see them in Spain.