Blamabel Bavaria s Trinchieri does not take a leaf in front of her mouth

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Würzburg and FCBB had initially delivered two balanced neighborhoods with slight advantages for the host subfront (46:42 at half-time) on Tuesday night. Decisive was then the third section, in which the Baskets fired by the own audience clearly settled (26:15). Also in the final quarter, the team of Denis Ukuerer left nothing more (18:13), despite partly vision ball losses, which the Munich rarely punished.

We have not respected ourselves and played without sufficiently concentration and energy.

Andrea Trinchieri

Bavaria s coach Trinchieri, however, disturbed less on the lack of accuracy, but the weak defense work annoyed him. If you allow 28 hits from 39 two-point lows, that says that you were blamably in the defense. And that we were, the Italian found on the club website clear words after a sloppy game, that s his team led zero energy.

He may have been lacking his team due to the closely timed gameplay: for the Munich, who had actually just riding a ride, it was the fifth match in ten days, only 48 hours after the 87: 78 victory in Bayreuth. We did not respects ourselves and played without enough concentration and energy, which you need especially with so many games, Trinchieri did not want to apply this circumstance as an excuse.

After all, the dealers will stay a few days with a break, before the weekend with two home games and thus without travel trapacles. At least the game on Friday (20.45 clock) but it has in itself: before it comes on Sunday (18 clock) to the duel with the strongly crisis EWE Baskets Oldenburg, the FCBB receives the Favorited Real Madrid Favored in the Euroleague. We will analyze the game tomorrow and see where we made mistakes, Nihad Djedovic said. That was a high defeat, but it goes on. The season is still long and on Friday is already Real Madrid.