Roller riddled rhythms AltoVit resurrected

Altovits, which have been popular as a different game property combining roller skates and rhythm games, are resurrected.

Val Raf said on 13th, its online rhythm game Altovit said. Altovit was a game that handles notes in a way that is exceeding the obstacle, and it was found that the rhythm game and racing games were appropriately combined.

From 2005 to 2014, it was served in Korea, but I closed the door in January 2014, and in China, Tencent was a QQ alumni by 2019.

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Since then, the context of the alto-baloves is to re-service. From the 13th to the AltoBit official homepage, the character dictionary was started and the service start schedule will be released later.

Balward Shin s renowned representative is that Altovit, which was one of the best rhythm action games in Korea, is honored to be honored. At that time, it is in the expectation of the fully effort to make the part of the time when the sensibility was as follows. I will do my best to meet you.