War Thunder Terramorphing

Midway Games or Midway was a US video game developer company. Among the Titles of Midway are Ms. Pac Man, PSI-OPS: The Mindgate Conspiracy, Cruis n USA, Spy Hunter, Tron, Mortal Kombat and NBA Jam among others. In September 2005 he reached 19 of the best videogame developers according to Game Developer magazine. Founded in 1958, Midway is the oldest videogame company in the United States, it has its base in Chicago, Illinois.

Gaijin Entertainment announces the publication of the Great Content Update Ground Breaking for the military online action game was Thunder. Terramorphing technology makes ground fighting even more realistic and offers players more tactical possibilities. Aviation fans have the opportunity to try out the first two aircraft from Israel, which was added as the next Tech-Tree nation to Thunder. The update also brings dozens of other military vehicles and three new cards.

The Terramorphing feature allows players to change the surface of the soil in real time and create cover or obstacles. Floor vehicles with built-in self-limits (e.g., the Soviet BMP-3 or the British Chiegtain with Schedule Sign) can now quickly build bullets everywhere where no buildings, rocks, scree, ice or fortified streets are nearby. Aviator bombs weighing about 50 kg or more, heavy rocket and missile explosions now form a crater whose diameter and depth depends on the strength of the explosion.

Israel, one of the leading manufacturers and operators of military vehicles, will become the next playable nation in War Thunder. The closed beta test of the Israeli Air Force will start with the next major content update, but two packs with premium aircraft are already available in War Thunder for purchase. Your owners will be the first to get access to this CBT. One of the packages contains a Spitfire LF MK IXE in the painting of the Personal Airplane of Ezer Weizman, a RAF veterans and later Israeli president! Another pack contains the A-4E SkyHAWK, a late Israeli modification of one of the best fighter aircraft in the game.

There are other new toys, including the light South African Mobile Air Dependency Ystervark, the destroyer USS with the era of the Cold War and three versions of the fast and deadly German Wiesel-armored vehicles. The Wiesel 1A4 is the base variant with a 20mm Rheinmetall 202/20 cannon. The Wiesel 1a2 is equipped with a shooting device for the Tow-2 ATGM, tandem bonding head Tow-2a and Tow-2b, which can hit tanks from above. The Ozelot finally is a version with Stinger Sam on board.

On the map Aralsee, soil and aircraft fight on the shores of a dried sea, where a port with freight terminals, fish processing systems, bulk freights and fishing vessels was abandoned a long time ago. Bourbon Island is a scene for air fights inspired by the island of La Réunion in the Indian Ocean. A characteristic feature of this large and flat shaped areas are the huge crater of volcanic origin with a wide flat ground – Calderas. The scene of the Wyborg bay for the coastal ships of War Thunder finally was created in the magnificent northern nature of the Wyborg bay near the Medjanskaja bay. The players fight in a dense collection of rocky, forest-covered islands, the so-called archipelago.

THE SHOOTING RANGE #266: Challenge — Naval Capture / War Thunder

Here you can watch the video for Ground Breaking Update from War Thunder: