Riot Games Aceinimation Release Tricking Exhibition

Control is a Finnish Action-Adventure Video game developed by Remedy Entertainment and edited by 505 Games. It came out on August 27, 2019 on Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on October 28, 2020 on Nintendo Switch (Cloud version) and February 2, 2021 on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series.

Riot Games announced on the 29th that it runs an experientation exhibition in a cafe in Seoul, celebrating the launch of Animation Series Arcane, based on League Obrale Intellectual Property (IP).

The exhibition is operated from 11 am to 9 am every day, until November 7, from today to November 7, which is the first release of Acane.

The exhibition consisted of a pop-up store that can experience vividly experienced the worldview of Arcane through the work exhibition and planning program prepared with 6 artists representing domestic and overseas contemporary art.

Riot Games was filled with an element that can elaborate anticipation of an ancestor in all spaces of a cafe in two layers and a wide terrace.

Arcane: Official Trailer

Articles of artists who worked with 6 contemporary art artists have been exhibited by six contemporary art artists in the building. A total of 12 works of the Arcane ▲ Growth ▲ Growth ▲ conflict ▲ conflict ▲ Roasting with five keywords. Participants are six people who are attracting many attention in modern art scene, including Kwon Oh, Ji-hwa, Woong – Seok, Phil Moon (Pyo), Jo Yun-jin, and Yoo Hyun.

There is a special space for the visitors. On the Jingx Azit configured on the second floor, you can work your own graffiti. It is a concept that is always with a joke that always leaves a graffiti on the field of destruction. In the Magical Engineering Institute, you can choose a design with a filter over a motif, you can make the eco-back and embroidery namepreneuts directly.

In the first floor cafe, the atmosphere of two cities that is the background of the Arcane can be experienced in a taste. You can enjoy two signature coffee and cookies that match the sophisticated and freshness of the progressive city Fillover Over and the atmosphere of the sophisticated and fresh incense and the atmosphere of the underground city Twice.

The external terrace is on the ▲ Magical Engineering Machine, ▲ Iron & Glass Tattoo Program operation, and photozone. Through the Magical Engineering Machine, a person who acquired the Magic Engineering Capsule is to present the Jingx and By of the Champion of the Arcane. The Iron & Glass Tattoo program is a digital tattoo experience of font design with two cities that are the background of the animation and Flute Over and Trail. Graffiti with the entire building side and various placed objects also attract attention.

Ryot Store is also operated. Online release of online release ▲ 400% + 100% Bear Brick Jingx ▲ Jingxnendroid ▲ Aceinabi and Powder St. Chu ▲ Key Arcin collections composed of Kaitlin Unlocking Stew can be faster than online. Buy more than 100,000 won For customers, gender and vi posters are presented.

Riot Gamz Gugi Public Relations, said, I have planned an exhibition to present an Arcane s world view in a variety of ways through art works, experience programs, food and beverage, I hope that anyone can enjoy Acein.