LOL VI will celebrate its protagonism in Arcane with quality of life adjustments

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VI is one of the stars of Arcane, the next series of League of Legends. However, her s playability in the loyalty crack suffers from some problems. The good news is that soon they will be resolved thanks to certain quality of life modifications for version 11.22.

Through your Twitter account, Riot August shared what you will arrive for VI in the next patch. Beginning for its breakdown (q), that he will see an increase in the seconds that moves an enemy backwards: 0.7 seconds, he will now apply the effect by 0.75. Another buff is that its rank will increase up to 50 units when a wall is crossed. To this we add that the distance traveled and the damage inflicted will be basaneous in the loading time and not for every 0.25 seconds. The Q of VI will scroll enemies back to contact. In this way, the combination of Flash and Q will be more reliable when proposing an initiation as jungle.

There are also changes in your cesar and desist (R), definitive ability of the viguelt. Now, she will launch through the air for 1.4 fixed seconds instead of a range of between 1.25 and 1.49. In the first instance it seems a nerf, but it continues with the goal that both mass control and the self-stunning is more consistent. Riot Games seeks that there is not much difference between the activations of the definitive one. For this reason, its launch through the air will occur once it is in a range of 300 units of its main objective. The variation of 0-300 units based on intervals of 0.25 seconds will be discarded. In other words, the R will not have to make a checkup every quarter: it will be instantaneous if it meets the requirements.

Finally, the enemies that cross on the path of the R will be launched by the air. In this way, both activation and use will have a more fluid feeling within League of Legends.

More than explicit buffs or nerfs, we talk about interventions so that I saw do not feel rusty in the current summoner crack. Next to her life quality adjustments, she will have a thematic Skin of Arcane on the 11.22 patch. Considering that the series will premiere on November 6, it is possible that the attire comes to stores that same day.