Lol dwg kia threatens a new era and will be at the final of the worlds 2021

The League of Legends World Championship is the annual professional tournament of the League of Legends World Championship organized by Riot Games and represents the highest point of each season. The best teams in each major championship compete for the world champion title. At the key, the Summoner s Cup of 32 kg and an important price ranging from more than one million US dollars.
In 2018, the final beats all previous audience records with nearly 100 million (99.6) unique spectators, 44 million simultaneous spectators and an average of 19.6 million spectators during the final. In addition, teams have been offered more than US $ 4.2 million with the sale of Chromas and Exclusive Skins at the event.
The League of Legends World Championships have been successful and gained popularity, making it one of the most prestigious and looked at the world (even exceeding the NBA final), as well as the The most watched video game in the world. Because of its success, Sports Scenes have been imposed and widely seen as an Olympic potential event, which is already part of the 2022 Asian Games program.
The tournament was first organized in one or two cities. But from 2013 to 2019, it is always three or four cities from a major region that have welcomed the event. South Korea, China, Southeast Asia, the United States and Europe have already been able to host a competition at least once. Because of the Pandemic of Covid-19, the 2020 edition could only be done in one city, Shanghai. For the first time, the competition had to be organized without public, only the final opened to the public. China, Europe and the United States have been able to welcome the competition three times each.

DWG KIA will be at the final of Losworlds 2021. The current champions in the world will have the opportunity to revalidate the most important title of League of Legends after having defeated by the minimum A T1 in which it will be remembered as one of the best semifinals in the history of the tournament. Option to make history for the current champion that could repeat the milestone so far that SK Telecom signed when I raised the summoner s Cup consecutively in 2015 and 2016.

MAKE A DYNASTY / BREAK A DYNASTY | Worlds 2021: Semifinals -  T1 vs. DWG KIA
DWG KIA: A game of a new era

Although it is difficult to overcome the confrontation between SK Telecom and Rox Tigers as the best semifinal in the history of League of Legends, this match between T1 and DWG KIA has been up to become, as little, in a worthy competitor. There were alternatives throughout the whole series. They hit the Showmaker first, then put the T1 boys ahead and finally complete the Damwon comeback to close his classification to the final.

The great problem that was found T1 in the decisive heading were the dragons. The lack of dominion over this neutral objective prevented FAKER from making them worth their best escalation and forced a series of errors in Baron Nashor that ended up being crucial. The last intention of the team ended up succumbing when Dwg Kia got an elderly dragon very disputed and annihilated his rivals making the most powerful improvement of all League of Legends

DWG KIA expects rival at the final of the Worlds 2021 after having lost its first two games in this confrontation that many fans cataloged as a fight forward for the title. The resolution will have it next November 6 starting at 13:00 Peninsular time, when the decisive party that could begin a new era in League of Legends.