Sales of the PS5 has already obtained the Wii u now

There are interesting new numbers around the PS5. Namely, Sony Interactive Entertainment has recently published the financial report for the past financial quarter and thus at the same time many current data. This shows, inter alia, that the PlayStation 5 could not even collect the Wii U a year after its launch.

How well does the PS5 sell?

The Sony s Annual Report is to be found, among other things, that the PS5 solely sold 3.3 million times in the past quarter (deadline: September 30, 2021). This is a very impressive number in view of the continuously sustained replenishment problems at the PlayStation 5. In addition, the Next-Gen console was damned close to the Wii U.

Since the launch in 2012, it has been brought worldwide to just over 13.56 million copies. The PS5 (Buy Now 499,00 €), on the other hand, is already at approximately ten months at 13.4 million sales. Thus, it should only be a question of a few days until they can finally pass the Wii U.

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What is it currently about PlayStation Plus?

In the annual report, there were also current numbers for the online service PlayStation Plus, which is also on the upswind. Over the past quarter, 1.3 million new subscribers have been added, the total number is now at 47.2 million.

However, there are no positive developments everywhere: the number of active users in the PlayStation Network declined by about four million year-on-year and is currently 104 million. Whether this trend continues until the end of the year will not show the next annual report.

Source: Sony

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