Hans Samas Yuumi Lane Survival Guide for League of Legends Worlds 2021

The first day of the League of Legends 2021 World Championship Group Stage has already presented some absolute blast games with some huge pounds – as an example, take today s first duel between DWG Kia and Funplus Phoenix. During the design phase, DWG Kia shocked the viewers by selecting Yuumi – a champion that has been standing on the World Cup stage since the 2019 tournament – with devastating effect.

Since the magical cat showed four times a total of four times over the day, Yuumi saw more game than any other support. And since the Korean third used T1 also has Yuumi as a first picker, it is pretty clear that she could become very good a preferred choice during the World Cup main event.

With their ability to heal, reinforce damage and to provide anyone with whom they connected, while they are completely unassailable – many yuumi criticized as a figurehead for bad champion design. This is the Vitriol against Yuumi, which dedicated Riot Games a whole blog post to address the community concerns about her last year.

Since Yuumi connects this year s Meta, you can certainly say that we will probably see you even more in Soloq while grinding the LOL ranks. To help Botlanians better understand how to come with less than a few scratch marks from a Yuumi-Lane, we have Steven, Hans Sama Liv of Rogue someone who has done exactly that during today s games, according to his top Tips for dealing in demand with her.

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Keria Plays Yuumi - T1 VS DFM Highlights - 2021 World Group Stage Day 1

  • LOL ESPORTS (@Lolesports) 11 . October 2021

There are three ways to meet the fearsome cat in the Lane explains Hans Sama The PC Player 24 after he has overturned a Yuumi-wearing cloud9: If you choose something that either corresponds to your healing, push you under the tower or You and your Botlan can kill. The most satisfied way to deal with Yuumi is of course the latter.

To design an effective yuumi extermination track, Hans Sama shows the bottom track of Funplus Phoenix. We saw Kai sa-Nautilus earlier – it did not quite work, but it s a strategy, he says. The combo later returned over 100 thieves during the triumph of Edward Gaming, where the LPL-Bot Lane was pulled with greater success from the counter.

However, gold took Rogue with his draft in the match against Cloud9, in the Hans Sama and his support Adrian, Trymbi Trybus, the Lucian Nami combination, which has recently proven to be exceptionally potent, effectively. Today we just wanted to pronounce Lucian-Nami, because we held that for a good answer, though she still had more healing than we, says Hans Sama laughing.

As far as the playing of these matchups is concerned, Hans Sama has two solid advice – manage her waves right and do not meet. If you play in the Lane against Yuumi, you really have to stack the wave all the time and make sure they do not push you, he says. She really has hard bumps and she heals so much.

We will undoubtedly see more Yuumi tomorrow, which starts with a group B collision between T1 and Edward Gaming.