Child seats in the ADAC test Five are not recommended

Children are the most valuable cargo that you can take in the car. It is all the more important that the little ones have learned a good hedge: since 1993 – actually only since there – the road traffic regulations for children to the completed twelfth year of life, which are not greater than 150 centimeters, specifically prescribes special retention equipment. 26 such child seats the ADAC has now checked in a current test. Among them were models for all ages, from the newborn to the twelve-year-olds.

One fell through

ADAC - Beware of cheap child seats

The gratifying message: With good or satisfactory rated seats are available in almost all sizes or categories. Nevertheless, it is worth looking closely when buying, because five child seats have no recommendation from the testers. For four, it was only enough for a sufficient, one was classified as poor : the Osann OSO 360 II (up to four years) did not exist the pollutant examination; Rejecting the plasticizer DPHP, which can damage the thyroid according to ADAC.

Only a compromise solution

Child seat test: The results at a glance (please click to enlarge). Adac

The four sufficient candidates all include the category of so-called co-waking child seats, which can be used from birth to the age of twelve years. This also means that various compromises have to be discussed. In this way, infants can not be carried in the seat, the high weight is litrulously designed the installation and expansion, and the different types of installation dependent and the size of the child mountains the risk of incorrect operations. Above all, the ADAC set an increased load for the dummies at its crash tests. And so – see also Table – under the waxing only the Jané Groowy + Nest i-size (note 3.2) at least one satisfactory.

The ADAC advises to invest in the sense of security prefers to invest money in specially tailored child seats: first into a baby shell, later in a toddler seat and finally in a seat increase with back support. This also has the advantage of being preserved and his child from wear at the seat.

Good for the test winners

The test winners in each category: MIMA IZI Go Modular X1 i Size + Izi Modular I-Size Base (up to approx. One year, note 1.7), maxi-cosi pebble 360 ​​(up to one and a half years, note 1.8 ), SWANTOO Marie 3 (up to four years, note 2.4), Cybex Sirona SX2 Isize (about one to four years, note 2.1), ABC Design Aspen I-Size (about one to twelve years, Note 2.8) and Joie I-Trillo LX (about four to twelve years, note 2.1), which was the only test piece in his group.