Draft Token

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InFIFA 22 there is now a new SBC with which ye secure a Draft token can. However, the challenge comes not good for the community to.

What is this a SBC? The Squad Building Challenge called Drafte your team and offers you as a prize a so-called Draft Token Pack. This includes, as the name suggests, a Draft token.

This token can you use to take part in Ultimate Team in the draft mode. Usually costs as a token either 15,000 coins or 300 FIFA points.

Coins can be, for example, about trading in FIFA earn 22nd SBC can provide an alternative way to get to a token. But it is worth?

What is the Draft in FIFA 22? In the draft you get a selection of players with whom you deny a total of 4 matches need. Once you lose one, you re out, however.

Depending on how far you come, there is always better rewards. The Draft is above all a great way to compete even with other players than those from the usual team. Or new, strong formations to try.

What does the SBC of you? In the Challenge you shall redeem a full team. See the requirements for it but not so easy to fulfill from:

Mind. 4 leagues in the squad
Maximum 3 players from one club
At least 84 team rating
At least 70 Team Chemistry
11 players in the team

Overall, this gives a challenge that is solvable, but may well go to the money if you do not have the appropriate player: On the Porch futbin are the first solutions of the community more in the range from 18,000 to 20,000 coins (via futbin). And that depends not so good.

players frustrated with expensive SBC in Ultimate Team

This tells the community: In FIFA subreddit players are already talking about the new Draft-SBC. The main problem here is the price: The value of the team that you want to trade, is namely that of a Draft token.

Of course it is possible that one player is not required from their own club fits with a corresponding score in the SBC. This may for example be untauschbare, double-drawn players. Here, however, some argue that the then but should rather use in an SBC, holds the really good rewards – and no Draft token.

So also see the topics:

This is in my opinion the first SBC, in which one is actually crazy when you make them, said user TheSmallIndian (via reddit).
Very strong contender for the title of worst SBC of all time, says user Adzzii (via reddit).
I mean, I can see maybe when 6 untauschbare 84+ twice has. But if not, then is definitely something wrong if you do that, says user Chelski26 (via reddit).
Even then I would not waste untauschbaren player in this SBC, to be honest, answers User Darkrayy (via reddit).

Instead of SBC we should rather use the 15,000 coins for a token, if you would like to participate in the draft, find some players. The SBC rather not worth it. Also on futbin the SBC is currently valued at 97% down votes in 1691 polls.

This makes it the currently priced at worst SBC, which is currently active in FIFA 22nd

However, the Draft-SBC is not the only challenge that caused last resentment. In second place the bad SBCs rated namely is the current challenge for the Premier League POTM: Cristiano Ronaldo. And the price for the CR7-Challenge was also the view of many players far too high.

As you can see, the new Draft token SBC? Is it an option for you yet? Tell us in the comments!