Rain of rain 2 Early access and price increase

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Since March of last year, Risk of Rain 2 of Hopoo Games withstands the anticipated field of steam and consoles. Soon, they will see the clear sky of their update 1.0. Those who have not purchased and tested Risk of Rain 2 will be initiated to a new price climate. If you have been sitting on this game, you can feel an increase in pressure to buy it before price increases. We could see a high price in the mid-1920s at some point in August.

Hopoo Games has released a roadmap updated for Risk of Rain 2, and as you can see, things warmed up on the consoles until the official release of the game. The update 1.0 will also see new Content Change the atmosphere of the game, including new objects and equipment, a new survivor and the last step and the boss. While Risk of Rain 2 goes from early access, Hopoo Games seeks to change the climate a bit. They will start a hiring season. This news is really exciting only if you are a developer facing a drought in the work.

Because the price of Risk of Rain 2 is rising, Hopoo can see a rain of fans to enjoy the low price while it lasts. And even if the game reaches the cap of an official output, do not expect that the content well dries. Hopoo Games will continue to precipitate pieces of content regularly. I hope this weather ceremony storm did not please your parade. Risk of Rain 2 is now available on PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, but will be officially launched in August.

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