New World has lost just 50 of his players I say That s totally normal

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Player numbers play an important role in MMORPGS and since the release, the numbers from NewW World have declined noticeably. But while the first players announce the death of the MMOS, Meinmo Editor Alexander Leitsch calls on the serenity. Because a scoring after the start is the most normalest of the world.

What about the number of players? New World experienced a strong start to Steam. On October 3, Sunday after release, 913,634 players played the new MMO from Amazon at the same time. This is new world in 5th place of all-time peaks at Steam (via SteamDB).

On Friday, the 22nd of October – and thus a good three and a half weeks after the release – the game came to his previous result. Only 453.385 players were online at the same time.

In Reddit, there were the first threads in which New World was already referred to as Totes MMO (via reddit). Even colleagues such as Forbes.com or the Polish Page Mmorpg.org.pl report on the significant decline in playlayers and tried explanations to find it.

But this decline is completely normal and was to be expected, regardless of all matters.

In fact, I m even positively surprised by the still high player numbers:

On the one hand, New World is actually mistaken many problems that need to be criticized. The bugs, exploits or deactivation from the outdoor post tower should not be small with this article.
On the other hand, this number of 453,000 is only the simultaneous players . The number of those who log in per day is likely to be many times higher.

Hardly a game keeps the numbers from the release weekend

Why are falling game numbers normal ? Each game that gets in advance of Great Hype attracts the most players straight to the release. Because everyone wants to be at the start of taking the hype and talking about their experiences.

To release is a game brand new and unused. There are hardly guides, Playtroughts and you can still discover things The First . Many are even free to search their favorite game directly. Since the numbers are correspondingly high.

But not every player can bind to the purchased title permanently and then jumps off at some point. You do not like the game or there is already a new, more interesting title. At the same time, people who have taken holidays were playing again after some time. This makes the establishment of new records harder.

What are typical developments of the number of players? In the game numbers, it does not matter for the first time whether the release is an MMO or a singing player title:

Cyberpunk 2077 started on December 10 on Steam with over a million simultaneous players. It achieves 3rd place 3 of the eternal steamcharts. Two weeks later, on December 24, it was only 303,464, so less than 33% of the players.
Dota Underlords reached on Sunday after the release 202.334 simultaneous players. Already two weeks later, on July 7, only 98,995 players in the peak in it – less than 50%.
Even with every Destiny 2 extensions you can observe this trend. So the game reached a peak with 242,284 simultaneous players a peak on 10 November, but had only 94,838 players in the peak on 30 November – even here only under 40% of the players logged in.

Unfortunately, for MMORPGs, there are not so many vivid examples, as many titles have only been subsequently appeared at Steam. A game that really launched on Steam s West is Swords of Legends online, which came on the release weekend on 18,806 players in Peak and already two weeks later, on July 25, only 9,308 players had.

However, there are exceptions for this rule:

Surprise hits such as Valheim or years ago PubG usually reaches their peak only a few time after release until the success has spoken around. In both, the game numbers are now also greatly liked.
Service games that are developed for years can still improve their number of players, as it was about WOW or CS: Go after the change to Free2Play the case.

were the falling numbers to be expected at New World? Yes, because there was a hype about the game in advance. Already days before it was in place 1 of the sales charts at Steam and also on Google Trends you can see how high the search volume has risen (via Google Trends).

Of course, most players would look around around the release and of course would not everyone stay right at the rather unfamiliar play styles such as the combat system or the small number of skills per weapon.

And even the existing players will have reduced the number of their hours per day – even this can help the top numbers are no longer so high.

However, more exciting than the first drop in the numbers after the release is the question of how the number of players develop after the first major updates and potential extensions. Because here Amazon must show if they can keep New World in the long term alive, because only so a service game can be successful.

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NEW WORLD still has strong numbers for a MMORPG

How strong are the number of players from New World? Anyone who looks at the figures of New World sees that at the weekend at least 250,000 simultaneous players were online, in peak over 500,000. On average, it was about 385,000, which were constantly online. However, that does not say directly about the entire number of players.

But if you rarely assume that each player spent about 5 hours in New World (some more, some less hours), then about 2 million players would have been online on Sunday alone.

Direct comparisons in player numbers on other MMORPGs are difficult because most companies do not issue their numbers. However, there are indexes where you can orient yourself:

A Youtuber has just made Retail Wow probably less than 2 million active players in July.
Runescape comes with all game versions (RuneScape 3 and Old School Runescape + Mobile versions) in June 2020 on the best value since the documentation in 2013. There, 220,000 simultaneous players in Peak were online (Via MisplacedIdems).
Guild Wars 2 has a total of 16 million game accounts created since 2012. These include purchased as well as Free2Play accounts (via GW2). The developer also reports to release 2012 that 460,000 players were at the same time online at the same time (via GW2).
ESO, in turn, has come to 17 million accounts since 2014, whereby always a game version had to be bought.

So if you compare New World with the big names of the genre, it is not so bad because of this Sunday, on which the numbers have almost halved from the release.

How do you see the game numbers of New World? Do you find them more positively and you re afraid of a downward trend?

A big problem of New World is currently the PVP mode outdoor ostens tower. Because he was disabled directly after his start:

New World has problems with important PVP mode – must deactivate it immediately