Em Games omotorror Google Play One store formal launch

Em Games (Representative Kwon Hyeon) has been formally launched on Google Play and One Store on the 22nd Mobile Strategy RPG.

Mobile strategy RPG this attempt to the first time Em Games is a game that allows you to upgrade your own duties, collect and cultivate a variety of heroes. The user can train a powerful army and enjoy a dungeon exploration and a variety of quests.

PVP elements such as GPA, and PVP elements, such as guild, offer colorful pleasures.

In addition, it is also characterized by a great increase in PVE content so that it can be enjoyed enough to enjoy it alone.

Emmercemia will proceed with events commemorating emotional formal launches. On the 7 days, the SSR character is paid to the SSR character, and the users can acquire a daily summoning and a full-time sculpture.

One-store dictionary reservatives plan to present 10% discount coupons and proceed weekly and presenting energy, basic resource boxes, and more.

V.S. AGOTI Full Week - Friday Night Funkin Mod

Em Game Business Strategy Room Lee Myung-geun said, This is a mobile game of a composite genre, which is the first time Emmerca tries to decide and deeply tries to the publicity of localities, said M. Moe, said Moha Mo. It is expected to be present

Today, we will be able to disclose domestic services today, such as Thailand and Singapore, and will be disclosed in four regions of Southeast Asia.