New World Server transfer is finally live but there are problems

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Although 150,000 players and players have changed the New World servers, it does not seem to run round. Developer Amazon Games had to deactivate the server transfer and is currently working on solving the problem.

With the last maintenance of the server of New World the game Update received 1.03 . An important part of this update is the implementation of the character transfer, which is available to each player and every player uniquely free of charge. The feature has been moved several times over two weeks.

new world: server transfers are available (as of 20 October)

The maintenance work has already been completed, but developers announced Amazon Games not to activate the feature immediately , but first to monitor if there are no problems on the live servers. If this process is completed, the feature is first unlocked for the Server region AP Southeast. If everything is running smoothly in the following eight hours, the feature is also activated in the other regions. So you should expect at the earliest in the evening to change the server. (Source: Amazon Games.).

Note: On October 22, the feature was exposed because some players and players came to problems with the server change. The server transfer should be made available as soon as possible again. In addition, some players and players seem to have found an exploit to double their money. (Source: Amazon Games).

Here again the most important details of the character transfer from the Blogpost from Amazon Games:

How do I transfer my character?

Log in with the desired character; That is, you have to introduce you to a corresponding queue.

There will be a new rider in the game shop. There you can pick up a character transmission tok.

The character must leave the company.

In addition, all active purchase and sales orders issued by the character must be removed in the trading item.

Your character must be for transfer to a protected location (for example, a settlement or outpost).

What can I take to transfer?

The character retains its entire character progress (level, weapon control, title, etc.).

In addition, the inventory and the content of the camp is also transmitted.

This also includes gold and other game currencies.

In addition, the dwellings and decorations are transferred.

The task progress is also transferred.


What is not transferred together with my character?

Before transferring, the character may have to escape from the company if necessary. It will not be transferred.

Active purchase and sales orders in the trading item must be removed and will not be transferred.

The friends list applies to the individual world and will not be transferred.

Where can I transfer my character?

The character can be transferred to any world of a region. Exceptions are:

Characters can not be transferred to worlds that are already full.

Characters can not be transferred in worlds that are in maintenance.

In addition, characters can not be transferred to world sets in which characters already exist on the same account.

Be careful if your character transfer performs. Another free transfer will not give it according to Amazon Games for the time being.

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A small gift for the waiting

As a small gift for all who (more or less) patiently maintained on the transfer feature, you get a title and an emote . The title is Stoiker in (it may be that this is only available after 24 hours for you), the emote is called waiting . Your character then adds annoyed with the foot on the floor, a feeling that may be one or the other of you can identify.