The native version of the Kingdom Hearts series in Switch is not yet decided according to its producer Ichiro Hazama

ichiro hazama , producer of the saga Kingdom Hearts , has spoken about versions in the cloud for Nintendo Switch of the series of Square Enix . In the interview with Nintendo Life, Hazama declared that it is not yet determined the possibility that at some point reach ports native to the saga to the hybrid console.

At this time, the production of a native version is not decided. We believe that the cloud version is currently the best way to offer the Kingdom Hearts Saga to the Nintendo Switch players, but we are always excited to listen to the feedback of our fans and we want to thank all their support, says the producer. In fact, he also affirms that the director of the series, Tetsuya nomura, expressed his desire to take the Kingdom Hearts saga to the Nintendo Switch players, and when seeing the claims of the fans decided to consider it internally.

From Modern Vintage Gamer and NightDive Studios, the last managers of the System Shock, have already been speculating that the fact that they could not reach natively was due to the costs of production and the size of the games, which one itself Hazama has partially confirmed during the interview: Carrying these games to Nintendo Switch turned out to be quite difficult for various reasons, including the hardware storage capacity, but we are excited to have achieved it using the game service in the cloud.

The announcement of the arrival of Kingdom Hearts adventures to Nintendo Switch arrived a couple of weeks ago during the revelation of Sora as the last character of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 + 2.5 Remix , Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue and Kingdom Hearts III , all of them through the cloud.

The release date for the Saga Kingdom Hearts at Nintendo Switch is still to be announced.