Apex Legends Ash leaves Titanfall and falls at Battle Royale as a new legend

Apex Legends continues to add legends from another franchise very dear by several, we talk about Titanfall. The first Great Project of Respawn Entertainment ran so that Battle Royale could fly in success, despite the multiple complications. Now, it will seek to give a little more protagonism to the main Villana of Titanfall 2 .

For the escape update, Ash will arrive as a new legend on November 2, just to finish the Halloween event. Under the premise that a storm is coming, Apex Legends promises a revolution for all games. In addition, it will continue with the story proposed in Titanfall 2 on Ash .

For those who do not know, the humanoid figure that we see in the trailer was not always like that. In the past she was called Ashleigh Reid, a recognized doctor who was almost killed. A team of scientists managed to recover the consciousness of it and move it to the body of Ash, although the process was not free of complications. And is that Ash and Ashleigh coexist in the same body, with moral discussions about what must be done or not. Ash wants to eliminate that part of her after that Horizon revive it.

Video breakthrough does not show a lot about her game style. Respawn Entertainment presents it as a teacher of psychological and physical combat, but this does not say much. Throughout the next few days, specifically on October 20 , we will know more about what escape will bring. Most likely, we will receive an in-depth look on the skills and characteristics of the new legend.

As we already have repeatedly, Ash comes from the world of Titanfall 2 . She there was the main antagonist, in a story that we will not reveal to avoid spoilers. Whatever the design that was shown talks about a follow-up on the chronological line, since a key scene of the shooter was presented.

Apex Legends Exhaust Update will be available at PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, Nintendo Switch and PC through Origin and Steam.