AMLO points out that El Nintendo is used to kidnap minors

Once again, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, president of Mexico, has attacked videogames during one of his conferences. On this occasion, the president has pointed out that the family needs to move children from old delintending , as this can be used to kidnap the minors.

During a visit to Baja California, AMLO returned the dangers that represent videogames for the family . On this occasion he asked parents to not give the Nintendo to the children, just to calm them down. Similarly, the President noted that more attention is given to the type of content that minors consume on the Internet. This was what he commented:

We have to attend to the one who are not children and young people so much time subjected to electronic devices. Not because the child cries and cries the girl there is, the program, the Nintendo so that I do not cry, and there is hours watching the nintendo the children, now violent games that should not be seen by children (…) not because it is Crying and already there goes, `Préndele the Nintendo to stop crying and also for me can do my things.

And what is the child doing? What is hearing? How is it forming it?, And who are those who work these programs, those contents? What conception do you have of life? They are geniuses, they are very intelligent, but it was very smart also the one that created the atomic bomb.

Now that I return to the city (from Mexico) we will make known a case of kidnappings of children who were carried out through these games that run without knowing who they are with those who are playing, then it is forbidden to prohibit , but we can talk about these issues.

The president has not only compared videogame developers with those responsible for the atomic bomb, but has pointed out the recent case of kidnapping of minors that occurred through groups of Free Fire . On this occasion, it is not the guilt of the game, but the way in which certain people have used this platform .

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Via: El Universal