The Last people 2 supervisor reveals a cut personality that was played by a writer on the game

A Twitter exchange in between The Last of United States 2 director Neil Druckmann and also writer Halley Gross revealed that Gross originally played a character in the game.

In a funny – and also sometimes disturbing – Twitter thread , Neil Druckmann and also Halley Gross small talk with one another which leads to Druckmann disclosing that Gross originally played a personality in The Last of Us 2, nonetheless, that she obtained cut from the last version of the game.

In his tweet, Druckmann shared an image of Gross in mocap clothes – full with all the dots attracted on her face for face activity capture – with the inscription: Now I intend to place your personality back in the game … SIMPLY SO WE CAN CUT HER OUT ONCE MORE!

Gross then replied to this with a brief video clip of herself in the mocap studio with the subtitle: Last people Component III: Leah s Revenge. Thanks to Gross reply, we can now assume that the character she is talking about is perhaps the Leah in the polaroid Ellie and also Dina find in among the Washington Liberation Front s bases.

Last of United States Component III: Leah s Vengeance pic.twitter.com/iyjlgjc2vxOctober 10, 2021

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In order to endure an ambush by the WLF, Ellie and Dina wind up killing 2 of their fighters, among which is discovered with the polaroid of Leah and a letter from her in their pocket.

Once Ellie and Dina have actually reached a risk-free room, they look much more right into the letter and also discover that Leah is based at the TV station so they make a decision to go and find her there. Sadly, once the pair arrive Leah is currently dead – which makes sense because we now know that the personality was mainly cut from the video game.