World War 3 boasts charts it is Warsaw and starts with tests

A few hours ago ALFA New World War 3 tests began – directed exclusively to veterans, or people who have purchased the game during her turbulent adventure on the steam.

New players will have to wait for the beta or the second premiere game. Details here .

Important : Although WW3 has been removed from the Valve platform, the game client will download just from your own steam library.

World War 3 was Polish (M) Mofps from The Farm 51, which took part at the end of 2018. Unfortunately, technical problems and mass of bugs have caused the game very quickly lose their popularity. A few months from WW3 escaped … 99% of active players.

However, this was not the end of production. The Polish company established cooperation with my.games and promised to provide a completely new version of the game in the future.

A paw also a new material from the game that focuses on individual maps.

It is warsaw , so once again comes there, fear on the streets of our capital.