The details of Castlevania Advance Collection will be published again to the overseas rating mechanism popular titles are recorded in the center of GBA evil castle work

Castlevania Advance Collection which is present now has been published in Taiwan s rating mechanism again.

This information will be launched for PC / PS4 / Xbox ONE / Nintendose switch. The recording title is Devil Castle Dracula Circle of the Moon Castle Vania White Night Concerto Castle Vania Yamaru Dance of Castle Devil Castle Dracula XX 4 titles are recorded. It seems to be a collection with easy-to-play convenience features such as rewinding functions and unpublished art collections.

Also, images like icons are also posted. It is based on the package art of Devil Castle Dracula Circle of the Moon .

This is not the official announcement, but the information may change, but if it is released, the current model will be able to play the series popular titles.