Gemata Memories of memories Diablo 2 Reservoir

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[24 munyoungsu Eye News reporter] devil had in the 2000s pushed underneath a lot of students came back. Remastered version of the classic game Diablo 2 led the Blizzard of prime Diablo 2: Resurrection (the Resurrection), Yeah, This is the 24th start services. There may not be exciting news as a gamer who put together a pretty courtyard PvP favorites yesteryear.

Resurrection is StarCraft: remastered , Warcraft 3: Lippo Gide The third and final project Blizzard released remastered followed. At the time, it can be good, but now based on a slightly trimmed and improving playing quality of scarce graphics with the latest 4K resolution version. Because whether the completeness of this Resurrection conscious lipoic azide been criticized as the worst of the content is a good side.

Resurrection done directly play is literally brings nostalgia to those who had played the original. Defeating Diablo without any explanation about it unfolds like a recipe to go navigation to the final boss Baal . Remember who the boss hair Mephisto in Act 3 without also are vivid.

Just as grunge rough localized versions and then the earthquake was felt that emotions are untouched. For example, Paladin My job is one of the game isnt dwaetneunde translated as Paladin steadily put on the Dean flagship technical names like Dean Hammer, seumdin mouth cold can not use the naming. Of course, this has also won unfortunate passage As will get used to it later.

Leisure collection action shows the advanced aspects, yet the same as the original. Dwaetgo added to the body teuneun operation even smoother graphics camp is no lack to deliver the aid of the hands-down action RPG when changing direction. In the past, gold has become very convenient, it may also be obtained automatically had to click one ilhi.

If gamers played Diablo 2 if the former can not get to their adaptation and fun but also feel a little ground Diablo 2 users seamlessly response should come up with a long question mark. Latest Graphics won its content has no choice hobulho LA 20 years ago as galril. But doegin additional character per account shared library inventory is a ridiculously low level compared to nowadays games. UI to move the portion to be ilhi belt is certainly far from the way these days.

Resurrection is punctuated the noise came attracted by the so-called Realm Down pointing to the WiFi phenomenon of the original. Are 24 days from the reaction does not smoothly connected shortly after midnight release. Blizzard seems to be passages do not necessarily improved for users to present the beautiful memories.

Such viscosity beats unfortunate, but that is part of the most notable is that Resurrection dwaetdaneun we can expect a new change in the Diablo stopped 220 years ago. Frequently, if not expect to see increasingly better the Resurrection continuous updating and improving balance.