Microsoft Rewards Premiums of the Week Quests KW 38 2021 available

Microsoft Things, introduced in November 2005 as Xbox Live Information, were an electronic currency provided by Microsoft for usage on its Xbox and Zune line of product. Factors can be made use of to acquire computer game and downloadable content from Xbox Live Industry, electronic web content such as songs and also videos on Zune Industry, together with content from Windows Live Gallery.In June 2013, Microsoft introduced that it would phase out Microsoft Points by the end of 2013, for utilizing local money currencies (such as the USA dollar as well as Euro) on its digital circulation systems. An Xbox 360 software application upgrade implementing this modification was released on August 26, 2013; users existing Microsoft Things were transformed into an equivalent amount of neighborhood money for acquisitions.

How to Redeem GameStop PowerUp Rewards Pro Points on Mobile

The new bonuses of the week Quests for the 38th calendar week 2021 are available until September 27th and bring you once a week with 100 Microsoft Rewards Points in your lucky series. Rewards of the week Quests KW 38/2021 Aliens: Fireteam Elite: Look at the game presented this week and gets 10 points. App starter: Starts the Microsoft Rewards App on three different days and gets 40 points. Search on Bing: Complete 50 searches on Bing and gets 50 points. Be sure to return to return to the Microsoft Rewards app to complete your completed bonuses of the week quests with one click.