The Last of Us series will have Neil Druckmann as director in some chapters

Neil Druckmann , Director of The Last of Us at Naughty Dog, has just increased his participation in the HBO series. If it was not enough to have it as a producer and scriptwriter, he now will also be the director of some episodes of the first season, joining other directors who had already been confirmed.

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We do not know how many chapters will direct Neil Druckmann. The news was announced, thanks to the Portal Directors Guild of Canada, where a production list of the series was updated. The list does not specify the episodes that Druckmann will lead, although we know that the pilot episode already concluded his filming, and his director was Kantemir Balagov .

Because the series was written in full by Druckmann, he will have a clear vision now that he also takes the director s role. The address of it could increase the similarities between the series and the video game, but we will have to wait and see the result.

The first season of the series, will feature the facts that we enjoyed on the first installment of The Last of Us, launched for PS3 in 2013. Some of the images of the scenarios we will see in these first chapters, they show us fidelity Towards the work of Naughty Dog.

Actor Pedro Pascal will play Joel, while Bella Ramsey will give life to Ellie. It is expected that the production of the series will end at June 2022 .