Rapid coach Dietmar K hbauer Stocksauer Var Donations would be kept

For the SK Rapid, on Sunday against Red Bull Salzburg, a good performance was not enough for the point gain. The Salzburger won 2-0 – a much discussed penalty decision brought the serial master on track.

Kevin Wimmer tried to clarify the ball, but did not see Karim Adeyemi from behind. The Rapid defender pulled through and met the Germans on the thigh. The scene was checked by the Var minutes. Finally, referee Hermahme saw the scene personally and pointed to the penalty.

The game was challenged the game for a sensational solo of Noah Okafor after a sensational solo of Noah Okafor was only more minor matter after closing. The trouble at the Hütteldorfern circled mainly around the penalty around 15 minutes before the end.

Kühauer: That s kindergarten

Salzburg has never had so few opportunities in the season as today. We really did that very much. Then it seems to fit so that it comes to a penalty decision. You felt it in the game and if you look at it – it s a pity for my team, Malled Dietmar Kühbauer at SKY .

Kühbauer continues: That s kindergarten. The HAMETER has again managed to decide a game in favor of Salzburg. Salzburg does not need our help definitely. They are by far the best team. They have problems today against us, but HAMETER has done it again so that it is a penalty, although no penalty is stood up.

Background: The Var obviously tended to no penalty , showed his decision already on the Video Wall until finally Hameter himself went to the monitor.

With his team, Kühbauer is still satisfied – because one had two days less regeneration time and the defensive plan was largely going on. We have also had good switching situations, but the longer the game has taken, it is clear that the forces then dwindle. But it would have been absolutely earned for the team a point, knows Kühbauer. Unfortunately, however, the referee Hameter was not as on how to be on it in such a game.

Kühbauer: Var? Donations would be clever

The bottom line will remain eight points for Rapid after eight points, table spot nine and a third of zero. Much too little for the green-white, which will receive the molded SK storm next Sunday.

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I think the team today has probably shown that she works. Salzburg really had great problems today. We did it really well today. With it is very sorry for the team today, because she would have earned the point, Kühbauer mourns. But I want to attach the Var. We donate the money for any aid organizations. It would be clever if we donate this money. There are people behind it and unfortunately they often meet the wrong decisions, so donations would be kept.