New track gives us more information about the date of God of War Ragnarok

There is a lot to say lately about God of War Ragnarok. Thanks to the last PlayStation Showcase We finally had the opportunity to see how the new proposal of Santa Monica Studios , but unfortunately, we do not know exactly when you will come to our hands. Well, a recent track has given us more information about this.

God Of War Ragnarok Trailer Breakdown - New Weapons, Secrets & More! (God Of War Ragnarok Breakdown)

If everything goes well, kratos and atreus should return at some unspecified point of 2022, but exactly when? Well, rumors already began to circulate in various Internet forums, Reddit being one of them, and the community believes that God of War Ragnarok is closer than thought. All this was derived from a recent publication at the official site of PLAYSTATION , which now classifies this sequel into the category of Coming Soon .

The game is accompanied by others as Far Cry 6 (which will debut the following month) and Battlefield 2042 (which comes out in November). But the thing is like this: the section Coming Soon also includes other titles as Final Fantasy XVI and Little Devil Inside, who have a good time missing. This section is not really a guide for games that are close to launch, but rather includes extremely popular products between the community.

Similarly, we believe that Ragnarok is not far from reaching our hands. Considering that Horizon Forbbiden West arrives in February and Gran Turismo 7 In March, it is feasible to believe that Ragnarok can debut between the months of April and June 2022.

Via: reddit