The first Enforcement Corps platform of China s anti addiction law enforcement let the underage users have been investigated

Beijing Cultural Market Comprehensive Law Enforcement Corps yesterday investigated the Enforcement Corps platform to provide online Enforcement Corps service cases to unnamed people, this is the new rules for the implementation of minors in June, for minors The national first case is investigated.

According to the media in the new network, the team found in special inspections, Beijing Information Technology Co., Ltd. was suspected of providing net Enforcement Corps services to minors through its own Enforcement Corps platform, and law enforcement personnel conducted investigations.

After investigation and evidence, there are 6 H5 network Enforcement Corpss in the Enforcement Corps platform, and there is a behavior of providing online Enforcement Corps services to minors from 10 o clock on the next morning. The H5 Enforcement Corps is a Enforcement Corps that can be operated across the table machine and action device without downloading software.

According to reports, the team specialties talked about the company s legal representative, ordered the company to immediately stop illegal acts, according to Article 127 of the Minor Protection Law of the People s Republic of China , warned the company, fined RMB 100,000 Yuan (approximately RMB 430,000), and the direct responsible competent personnel were fined 10,000 yuan of administrative penalties.

According to the report, the case is that after the National Central Committee of the Communist Party of China has been specially remediation in the field of entertainment in the country, the team is based on the newly revised minor protection law, and the National Cultural Market first case for minors addresses. .

The official said that the case provides experience drawings and case support for the same type of case in the national cultural law enforcement field. Warning effect.

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China s newly revised minor protection law implemented on June 1st, and it is clear that the network Enforcement Corps service provider must not provide online Enforcement Corps services to the minors at 10 o clock on the next morning.

China officially retreats the time to play Enforcement Corpss online on August 30, and it is clear that online Enforcement Corps companies can only provide 1 hour to minors on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and legal holidays every night to 9 times, weekdays I will be banned.