God of War Ragnarok brings the best feature from the PS4

God of was for the PS4 convinced above all by the story, the brachial fighting and the memorable characters. But the whole thing happened was wrapped in a unique staging, the Kratos journey was still rousing: the camera guide.

Because the entire game did not have a single cut in the gameplay and the CutScenes. The only use of black panels was when switching to the menu. Otherwise, the entire journey of Kratos and Atreus ran in one piece. There were consideration that this is changing at God of War Ragnarok, but these could be taken now.

God of War Ragnarok comes back without cuts!

On Twitter Matt Sophos has turned on the Lead Writer of God of War: Ragnarok and answered a user question about the cuts:

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Thus, the God of War fans have their answer: There will be no cuts at God of War Ragnarok.

What exactly does that mean? Anyone who has not played the predecessor who will probably be surprised, which is exactly behind it when a game without cuts comes away. Meanwhile, it is quite normal that Gameplay and Cutscenes are fluent together. But at God of War, a step has started.

Even within the CutScenes there was no cut. The camera is always moving and instead of cutting between two characters that are talking to each other, they are either shown both directly or they move through the room during the conversation.

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There were no charging screens between the different areas, instead the loading times were hidden in playable areas or through the famous loading corridors, such as rock columns. At God of War Ragnarok, the staging will be there both with its first but also disadvantages.

First looking into the game, the following trailer gives:

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How do you find the staging of the new God of War Games? Would you prefer a classical orientation for the successor?