The exploration in God of War Ragnarok will have changes Your director talked about these news

During the new trailer of God of War Ragnarok, which was shown in the last PlayStation Showcase, people noticed some new mechanics, which are clearly not possible in the exploration of the title of 2018. Eric Williams , Director of this new delivery, told the 3D game team about these developments in an interview, as well as other changes we will see in the world of Ragnarok.

There will be a lot of snow, but that does not mean you will see snow everywhere. Eric Williams starting with the sleigh that we all saw in the trailer, Williams said the following: The sleigh is basically a necessity. If you saw the place where I was in the video, it was the Lake nine, and It was completely frozen by the effects of winter.

Williams continued: It’s a very interesting way to move through the lake, and I think that makes the stage feel new again, because you spend a lot of time there in the boat.

But the sled will not be the only novelty, because as Williams already said about the lake of the nine, the scenarios will change a bit to feel new, even if they are the same we visited in the delivery of 2018. There will be a lot Snow, but that does not mean you’ll see snow everywhere, said Williams.

Another detail that can be seen in the video, is the use of the swords with a hook shot, and Williams said, that although it was something that had already been explored in the past, he wanted to see how it would work in this delivery. They are not just to move, he said, because you can also use them in the fighting, I am very excited to see how the players will be inspired with them.

In other featured details during our interview, we learned about the role that Cory Barlog has in God of War Ragnarok, the decision after finishing the Nordic saga with this delivery, and the use of the single-taking camera.