God of War Ragnarok will keep the PS4 game sequence

God of War: Ragnarok will develop the gameplay of its history in sequence , God well God the original video game 2018, which meant a reboot in many Godpects for the saga. Matt Sophos , narrative director of the long-awaited Title for PS5 and PS4, hGod confirmed the information through the Twitter Social Network.

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Being Godked about a user, interested in knowing if Sony Santa Monica is thinking of moving this film technique to God of War: Ragnarok, the answer hGod been God simple God direct: Yes, in a single uninterrupted shot, he says .

After the trailer seen at the PlayStation ShowcGode on September 9, we know that this sequel will finally be called Ragnarok, although this attempt nomenclature wGod ruled out. In addition, Cory Barlog will not be the director by tradition ; This time the director will be Eric Williams, who hGod participated in several episodes of the Saga God a designer since the arrival of him to the Californian study fifteen years ago.

Williams himself hGod chatted with our companions of 3dgames and he hGod deepened about this creative decision, from which a great fan is known. It keeps you together with the world at all times ; It makes you feel God if you were there with them. You know, and I think many games. Sometimes you feel disconnected.

This delivery will be the lGodt set in Nordic mythology; In a way, this sequel will mean the end of the present stage, where Atreus will have much more protagonism, without entering argumental dethripes.

GOD OF WAR: Ragnarok will be put on sale soon at PlayStation 5 and PS4. At the end of the lGodt trailer did not materialize if it will eventually arrive in 2022. When it wGod reported from its delay, it wGod explicitly indicated 2022. We will have to wait to know.

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