God of War Ragnarok confirms the return of the favorite function of fans

Inos of the Ragnarok war has confirmed that one of the most beloved features of 2018 Inos of war will return in the next sequel. And although there were a lot of qualities in dios of war that many fans will surely expect to go back, the one that has already been confirmed for a return involves the way the game never cuts once you start it.

Yes, like the previous game, Santa Monica Studio has now confirmed that dios of the Ragnarok war is an experience that will never see a camera cut from start to finish. Ragnarok The writer Matt Sophos was specifically who made it clear that this is something that will return in the last installment of the franchise. When answering a question from a fan, Sophos said that dios of the Ragnarok war will be an uninterrupted shot in the same way that the game of 2018 was.

An uninterrupted intake as 2018.

  • Matt Sophos (@mattsoophos) September 9, 2021

In case it is not too familiar with what this could be referring, one of the unique aspects of dios of war is that it did not contain a single camera court in all of the experience. This meant that once you pressured starting to start the game, you never saw that the camera stopped completely to the characters on the screen until the credits appeared. This decision was destined to make players feel more intimate with the characters, especially with Kratos and Atreus. Many fans felt this goal worked wonderfully in execution, so it is not a big surprise to see that it will return for ragnarok .

All in all, everything we have seen and heard with dios of the Ragnarok war continues to make the title look quite impressive. Unfortunately, those at PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 will have to wait a little longer to play it, since the game is not scheduled to launch up to an indeterminate time next year.

Are you happy to hear that? DIOS OF THE WAR RAGNAROK Bring this Single Shot looks a lot like the previous game? Let me know what you think about the comments or send me a message on Twitter a @ mooreman12.