Cory Barlog Supervises God of War Ragnarok and helps the Game Director There is no one better than him

We already know, that unlike the previous delivery of God of War, Cory Barlog does not run God of War Ragnarok, and instead is Eric Williams , a veteran of the franchise, and a good friend of Barlog from The year 2001. The 3D game team had the opportunity to interview to both, and not only we learned about the supervision that Barlog has above all the development of the game, because they also shared their goals and visions .

I try to help him find his voice. Cory Barlog Barlog is the creative director of Sony Santa Monica, and as such, oversees everything that happens in the study. This is important to me, and I have developed well along with Eric, but it is a different level, harsh? Something else, like creative companions, said Barlog when we asked him about him on this new delivery of God of War.

We walked through the same journey together, Barlog continued. I try to help him find his voice, herself he knows that he has and who has always had, even before I spoke with him. Barlog mentioned, that he basically remains next to Eric, while he does incredible things . There is no one better than him for this job, concluded Barlog.

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Despite Barlog’s confidence about his friend, Eric Williams confessed to us that he continues to depend on the advice of his partner, but the years together of him have helped him to know him better. I have met Cory since, as 2001, and we have worked on many different projects.

I know how he thinks, said Williams. When I find myself stuck, and I do not have access to it, I have so many years talking with Cory about ideas, or seeing different perspectives, which I can understand what is surely thinking .

As for the goals with God of War Ragnarok, Williams set out to increase the connection between Kratos and the enemies of the game, mentioning some previous deliveries as an example. What we are doing with Ragnarok, is to take the same idea as we planned by God of War 1 to 2, and Chains of Olympus to Ghost of Sparta .

I have so many years talking to Cory, that I can know what he is thinking. Eric Williams Williams concluded by mentioning, that combat is more refined in such sequels, and there is a higher level of expressiveness in all fights. That is precisely what he plans to incorporate in Ragnarok, to improve the fighting that we saw in the delivery of 2018.

God of War Ragnarok will arrive the following year to PS4 and PS5. Kratos and Atreus will return to action, but wearing very different this time, as we can appreciate in their new designs.