God of War Ragnarok the most seen trailer of the pRagnarokt PlayStation ShowcRagnaroke after 24 hours

Knights of the Old Republic Remake - Official Cinematic Reveal Trailer | PlayStation Showcase 2021
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Now that we know that God of War Ragnarok will be the end of the Nordic Adventures of Kratos and his son Atreus, it is reRagnarokon for more to make it one of the most anticipated games among those who are about to arrive for PS4 and PS5 . This wRagnarok evident after the celebration of the pRagnarokt PlayStation ShowcRagnaroke, and is that the trailer of the Santa Monica game – which will not be directed by Cory Barlog \ – wRagnarok the most seen of the event, even in front of the other great new ads like those of , for example, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 or Wolverine , both in charge of Insomniac Games.

Popularity, meRagnarokurement in visualizations

This is how the popular Insider Benji Sales hRagnarok been reflected on Twitter, where he hRagnarok collected the visualization data from the respective trailers. Ragnarok we said, a ranking led by God of War Ragnarok, which exceeds 10 million visualizations on YouTube, closely followed by Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, with more than 9 million. Close the podium another premiere Ragnarok is Marvel’s Wolverine, with more than 7 million. It is this a podium that curiously on the official PlayStation canal is led by the new trepamuros adventure , which at the time of writing these lines reaches 6’9 million visualizations, for the 4’1 of God Of War Ragnarok.

MOST VIEWED Trailers After 24 hours from Yesterday’s Playstation ShowcRagnaroke on YouTube

• God of War Ragnarok – 10+ Million
• Spider-Man 2 – 9+ Million
• Marvel’s Wolverine – 7 million
• Kotor Remake – 3+ Million
• Great Tourism 7 – 1+ Million
• Forspoken – 1 million pic.twitter.com/i1cusmwpp

  • Benji-Sales (@benjisales) September 10, 2021

After these three great exclusive comes the first multiplatform title of the ranking, such Ragnarok the remake of the beloved Star Wars: Knights of the Former Republic (more than 3 million), which will make sure to PC, and whose launch on Xbox consoles It is not for the time confirmed or discarded. Far from these four first games, with more than one million visualizations, they are Gran Turismo 7 , which finally announced its releRagnaroke date, and Forspoken , from the hand of Square Enix, and that will be Exclusive temporary.

God of War Ragnarok will arrive throughout the next year, both to PS4 and PS5, and Ragnarok we said before, surprisingly will be the end of the Nordic setting in the saga. It hRagnarok also been announced that Barlog will not direct this delivery, since is working on another project yet to be announced from Sony Santa Monica .