Electronic Arts New developer could Neon Black Studios

A trademark filed electronic arts in the last month both at the US Patent and Trademark Office and at the Office of the European Union for Intellectual Property, could suggest that the new Open World Developer Neon Black Studios could be called.

The entries relating to design and development of interactive, computer, video and electronic gaming software are registered on the main seat of EA in Redwood City, California.

The name may be associated with the unnamed EA studio founded by the former Vice-President and Studio Manager of Monolith Productions, Kevin Stephens.

The new studio was announced in May and EA confirmed that it would work on an Open World Action Adventure game. Stephens knows the genre good as he was during the development of Middle earth: Shadow of Mordor and Shadow of War.

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Samantha Ryan, General Manager of EA, which was president of Monolith in the 1990s, did not want to tell if the new studio would work on its own IP or existing brands.

We are still to clarify a lot of fundamental questions. How large? Which games? How fast should it grow? Kevin Stephens and I both know how important it is to properly lay the foundation of each studio, and he will take time to find out all. If you are overrun, you have no time to worry about. Why overstart?

I know Kevin good. I know what kind of quality team he will build and what kind of fantastic games he will deliver. I do not need a hurry to prove me something! I want things to be done right, and I know Kevin will build an amazing group.