Control 505 games admits errors at Next gene

Neil Ralley, chairman at Publisher 505 games, discloses an improvement update process on the Next-Gen version in the game Control in an interview. Here it was only players who possess the Ultimate version possible to make a free update.

According to Ralley, every transition between two console generations is a difficult undertaking that creates new challenges. Previous decisions on how the game can also be made available to the next-gene consoles, ultimately led to these circumstances. At the time of development of the Ultimate Edition, the developer was no longer possible to offer a better and more reasonable solution.

According to our own statements, certainly not the best decisions were made and the fan community has not been informed well enough. But you have done the best to satisfy customers accordingly.

Furthermore, Neil Ralley promises of publishers 505 games that will improve the Next-Gen updates of Ghostrunner’s games and Assetto Corsa Competizione.