How to resurrect characters in OTHERCID

You will lose a lot of characters (girls aka) on the way othercide. There will be many learning curves and problems facing when you face the enemy known as suffering.

The good news is that you can bring some of those you lose, even if it will not necessarily be easy. To resurrect a girl, you will need to sacrifice other objects, called Resurrection Tokens. There are two ways to get them: rescue missions and remembrance benefits.

Rescue missions

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Here are some of the most difficult missions you can face othercide, because of the peak of difficulty caused by the almost endless spawning of the enemies. Your mission is to protect the Soul Bright and it is very possible that bright soul die before the end of the mission. The enemies will attack you tirelessly, so you must be ready to assume these missions before doing it, otherwise you risk losing more girls in the process.

If you manage to protect the Bright Soul and finish the mission, you will have two options:

  • Free the brilliant soul = +400 vitae (or gold that can be used to insert new memories / mods or recruit new girls)
  • Sacrifice the brilliant soul = +1 Resurrection token

If you are looking to resurrect a girl, you will want to choose the second option.

Benefits of Remembrance

You acquire these advantages when you reach the fourth day of each era or chapter. For example, reaching the era 1: Day 4, you will get the corroded scissors after the kinematics introducing the game of The Surgeon.

It will not be too difficult to arrive in era 1: Day 4, but it will become more and more difficult as you attempt to reach every day 4 of the following times, because of all deaths and damage that You will be underway. However, if you reach the last chapter of the game (where you will be presented to the five bosses of the game), you will unlock all the benefits of the memory that will bring you a resurrection token.

It is important to note that if you want to use these benefits to get the chips, they must be active on your current part. You will want to make sure that you have enough fragments to activate and activate them beforehand.

Use of Resurrection Tokens

Once you have a resurrection token, you can open the Inner Void and access the Cemetery tab. This will show you all the girls you have lost, either by dying or by being sacrificed. You can select the one you want to bring back and use your Token.

Once resurfaced, every girl will come back with all her pv and keep her level, skills and features. Although they lose their equipped mods / memories.

Note: The cemetery can only contain 32 girls, so be sure to forget those of lower level that you do not want as and when.

As you can not all resurrect them, you will want to be selective about those you bring back. You will lose girls, definitely; It’s just how othercide is. But with the resurrection chips, you can at least play favorites.

Ot Hercide is now available on PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.