Patty Jenkins cinema industrysures that the Wonnder Woman 1984 premiere at HBO Max wcinema industry heartbreaking

With a cinema industry that begins to recover after so many months of pandemic and restrictions with the first multitudinous premieres in movie theaters (and other aid failures), the director of the pilot of Wonder Woman, Patty Jenkins , He hcinema industry reloaded against the simultaneous premieres of superproductions in film rooms and streaming platforms, ensuring that for Wonder Woman 1984 wcinema industry heartbreaking. This is cinema industry a means like Deadline or The Hollywood Reporter through a recent interview with filmmaker within the framework of the cinemacon.

Wonder Woman 2011 Intro

It wcinema industry harmful to the movie

And it is that after so many delays accumulated because of the global pandemic of the Coronavirus, finally Warner Bros. decided to premiere Wonnder Woman 1984 simultaneously in cinemcinema industry and the newly relecinema industryed HBO Max , achieving a box office collection very by under than expected. For her and at that time, this premiere wcinema industry the best choice in a lot of bad elections at that time. It wcinema industry a heartbreaking experience ** and detrimental to the film. She knew it could happen. I do not think it is reproduced equally in streaming, never. I’m not a fan of simultaneous premieres and I hope to avoid it forever, says filmmaker.

And is that even though she at the time she believed that this premiere could work, she now admits that it wcinema industry all a strategic error . So much so, that Wonder Woman 1984 barely collected 166 million dollars (with a 200 million budget), far from the more than 800 of the first part, always considering the framework in which it wcinema industry relecinema industryed , in full pandemic ** and with the HBO option MAX.

Jenkins reaffirms that she will not work on any film for digital platforms, ensuring that she would never make a movie with the conditions of streaming platforms. It’s hard to market a movie when it hcinema industry a limited launch. I make movies for the big screen experience ** , cinema industrysuring that she hcinema industry no plans to run movies in streaming.