Canoe gold for ex basketballer Edina M ller

Edina Müller has repeated the unusual feat of Annika Zeyen and fetched nine years after the Joint Triumph in a wheelchair baseball Paralympics gold in another sport. Four days after Zeyen Triumph in time trial with the handbike, Müller won on Saturday in Tokyo Gold in the canoe sprint. After 53.958 seconds, the Hamburgers, who has their two-year-old son Liam in Japan and is therefore lived in the hotel instead of the athlete village, 0.8 second lead to the Ukrainian Marina Maschula. One day before the final ceremony, she brought the twelfth gold medal for the German Disabled Sports Association.

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In the end, you have the feeling of doing everything right, Müller said, There were doubters and some who did not believe in me and now. Now with the gold medal, is the madness. When her Liam was pushed into his arms after the finish and her gave a kiss, everything was forgotten, Müller said. She had to fight for a long time that her son and her partner were allowed to be in Tokyo and had to fight on site with difficulties. Everything could have run better, Müller said, But the most important thing is that we are together and I have the gold medal in his hand.