Youtopia 2021 German Youtuber live for days under a glass dome but why

A glass dome, vegan substitutes and influencers Where boomers disconnection hastily recruit Millennials for saving the planet. In Youtopia 5 YouTuber try in Big Brother-style donations to gather for the environment and to invite known guests from music, web and TV.

What’s Youtopia? The streaming project under the direction of BreakingLab (via YouTube.com) has set itself the goal of cleaning up the environment. Literally, because rivers are to the donations Partners Ever Wave and seas are exempt from waste.

The YouTuber, musician and streamer live here in a glass dome and try to climate neutral to feed and live during their stay. Youtopia is 2,021 already in the second round.

Important information about Youtopia

  • When? The stream of Youtopia started already on 01 September at 17.30. The stream ends on 05 September.
  • Where? All participating Stars radiate the transfer from their YouTube channels. But there is also an official account (via YouTube.com).
  • What you expected? Youtopia is filled with different personalities who talk about issues such as environmental protection and climate change. Apart from that, they talk in different challenges.

This is helping the target of Youtopia and these partners

They want to bring about: The live broadcast awareness should be stimulated to environmental protection. Sprung this idea when YouTube channel BreakingLab whose host has earlier dealt with the issue in videos.

In the style of Big Brother viewers should have the opportunity to watch the dome occupants in everyday life. Participants live and eat consciously environmentally friendly and do not eat meat and other animal products.

The audience should spend for this service a penny to the inhabitants of the dome, as they do otherwise. Instead, the focus is on a project partner, go to the all proceeds from the streams.

This is the partner: With Ever Wave is Youtopia got a future-oriented partner on board. Because with ships and boats, the company Ever Wave garbage, micro plastics and chemicals from rivers, lakes and seas intends to fish. The donations from the viewers of Youtopia then serve mainly to cover operating costs.

Jauch and Nico Rosberg here: All guests and residents of Youtopia

2021, the number of occupants confined in the glass dome on 5 fixed subscriber. So it is not boring them and the audience, meet regularly introduce new guests who participate in various discussions, games or wissenschafltichen experiments. As residents following prominences are:

Residents of Youtopia

  • Jacob Beautemps (BreakingLab)
  • Alicia Joe
  • Yes of course
  • Rewinside
  • Survival Mattin

More YouTuber in Youtopia:

  • Evelyn Burdecki
  • HeyMoritz
  • Insecthaus Adi
  • Kayla Shyx
  • Knossi
  • Leeroy Matata
  • Lisa Küppers
  • Olivia Jones
  • Silvi Carlsson
  • Simon Will
  • Theo Carow
  • Tomatolix

Musicians in Youtopia

  • Cassia
  • Henning Krautmacher
  • LGoony
  • Lina Maly
  • Lugatti x 9ine
  • Sarah Engels
  • Tim bendzko
  • Querbeat

Other guests

  • Aminata Touré
  • Cem Özdemir
  • Dorothee Bär
  • Eko Fresh
  • Frank Thelen
  • Günther Jauch
  • Karl Lauterbach
  • Katja Kipping
  • Lydia Bennecke
  • Marie Johnson
  • Motsi mabuse
  • Nico Rosberg
  • Raul Krauthausen
  • Ruth Moschner
  • Saskia Esken
  • Thore Schölermann

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How you can help: Do you want to help her, to keep water free of waste or to clean them, then you will find the matching donation link on the website of Ever Wave. Already on the second day of the limit of € 20,000 has been cracked.

Youtopia is not the only one donation marathon. Already at gamescom 2021 you could for the flood victims in Germany donate: gamescom 2021 hosted charity Stream Flood Victims: How you can help