Joey City Western Freestyle 2 Mobile New Domestic Services

Joy City said on the 18th, concluded the use of the Chinese Games, Freestyle 2 IP (Intellectual Property) licensing agreements.

Joey City offers Freestyle 2 IP Licenses and Freestyle 2 Art Support and PC version original BGM for Leval Flying Dunk Domestic Services.

The two companies will be closely collaborated for the Freestyle 2: Revolution Flying Dunk Successful Services, and we plan to introduce the best service for domestic users.

Freestyle 2 is a freestyle subsequent one of the street basketball. I added a graphics advanced to the previous game, and it is a simple control of the online sports game that has a streets. I am serving in Global Area, including Korea, China, Japan, and Southeast Asia.

Freestyle 2: Revolution Flying Dunk is a mobile game that is served in Japan and China, featuring a more powerful 3D graphics and a softer manipulation than the previous work.

Joe City Johan said, Freestyle 2: I am glad to be able to collaborate with the next work after Flying Dunk, I will try to make a good achievement, I said.

The Western Ministry of Choi Hye-yeon, said, I am pleased to have a Freestyle 2, which represents a basketball game, I am pleaching up with the use of IP licenses. I will collaborate closely, he said.