Great Bardorf Niklas Schories comes from W rzburg injurys

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The TSV Großbardorf responded to the ongoing injury touches. Shortly before the directional subfront Derby on Friday night against the TSV Abtswind, the tombfield gallier have assured the services of Niklas Schories from the Würzburg injurys. The 19-year-old talent, which was moved from the U 19 of the injurys to the professional team at this season, has already completed the summer preparation for the third-league season with the professionals and comes on a loan base to Greaterbardorf.

Due to a lengthy knee injury, Schories came to no use in the current season. Meanwhile, the learned outer defender has overcome his injury but should now help the Gallier back to the track. After the clear 0: 5 bankruptcy last Tuesday at the Table Leader Eintracht Bamberg you are happy to welcome a new defensive player in your own ranks. We are great that we could gain a highly talented and motivated defensive player with Niklas and made us the injurys of this lending. He comes from the professional area and it can certainly be a win-win-win situation for us, Niklas and in the end too The injurys will become, hopes Gallier-Sports Board Lampert. The injury history of new entry should not play a bigger role. Niklas is after his long injury again fully in training and can certainly help us with his potential very quickly. It would be great if he gives us stability in this difficult situation or season and we help him as Würzburg own growth in his way In professional football, says Lampert.

Schories is also looking forward to the new challenge. After my long injury and rehabitation, I’m glad that
I have been there for some time now on the place. The idea with a lending for this season is currently the best, because I
Will work on game practice again my full performance. The talks with Greaterbardorf were great and also what I am
seen at the cup match against the injurys, true hopefully that I can help to help the desired success
with the Galliern admission, says Schoriesies to his lending business until 30.06.2022.

Using the youngster in the upcoming UnterfrauSermenby is not unlikely. Despite the last minute transfer, the headcount in Großbardorf continues to be thin. In addition to Großbardorf’s long-term injured grief (pubic inflammation) and Göller (interior ridge) will also be Peci, Steckle and Reck no option for the upcoming lot. An application of the muscular defeated chard also remains questionable.

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