The DWG KIA was crowned summer champion of the LCK 2021 on T1

DWG KIA, generally described as DAMWON KIA (Korean: 담원 기아) and formerly called DAMWON Pc gaming (abbr. DWG; Korean: 담원 게이밍), is a South Oriental specialist esports organization. Its Organization of Legends group completes in the LCK, the high-level league for the video game in South Korea.
DWG won their very first LCK title on 5 September 2020 after defeating DRX in the 2020 LCK summer finals. Eight weeks later 31 October 2020, Damwon won the 2020 World Championship after a dominant run via the team and also ko phases and a 3– 1 success over Suning in the grand finals.

DWG KIA has become the summer champion of LCK 2021 after a 3-1 victory over T1. This victory consolidates its place in the League of Legend World Championship as the first sown of South Korea. It is the second team after T1 to win three LCK championships followed. In addition, victory marks a tenth title for the veteran trainer of Dwg Kia, Kim Kkoma Jeong-Gyun, making it the first person to achieve such a feat.

???? @Dwgkia 10 of Kkoma #LCK Trophy lifting! ???? pic.twitter.com/vmipmksbb9.

  • LCK Global (@lck_global) August 28, 2021


DWG KIA trip to win the Lck summer championship

After losing the late mid-season inviting against Royal Never Give Up, DK returned to the Lck summer split with inconsistent playability. Its Jang Ghost Yong-Jun and Cho beryl GEON-HEE fought continuously to adapt to the goal. Its usual weak game style in the lower lane could not support the initial aggression of other equipment.

DWG KIA experienced with role and list changes to solve your problems. In his game against Afreeca Freecs, Ghost was replaced by Kim Malang Gim-Seong. Then they moved HEO Showmaker its at the position of the lower lane while Kim Canyon Geon-B bu played in the central lane. DK defeated Afreeca but soon returned to his original alignment at week 4 of the LCK. Over time, the five DK players adapted to the current goal of the league, ending the division first with a record of 12-6. His first place also meant that they had sufficient points in the circuit to qualify for the World Cup. DK defeated Nongshim Redforce in a 3-0 clean sweep to advance to the summer end of the LCK.

In the final against T1, DK began game 1 with a convincing performance, marking the guideline for the rest of the series. Camille de Kim Khan Dong-has proved to be unstoppable, which earned him a proportion of deaths / deaths / assists of 11/0/7. The Top LANER that will join the army for the mandatory service enjoyed its last moments in the LCK with 22 murders in the four games.

While T1 recovered in Game 3, they could not keep up with Showmaker Leblanc in Game 4, which had half the DK deaths in that game.

Possibilities of Korea in the World Cup 2021

DWG KIA, T1, GEN.G and the winner of the Regional Finals will represent LCK at the 2021 World Championship. While China’s Funplus Phoenix seems the team to beat in the tournament, the LCK teams are also the What to follow. DK’s performance today showed some flashes of the lethal that are as a unit. In addition, T1 seems to have found his rhythm. With the experience of Lee Faker Sang-Hyeok and Park Teddy Jin-Seong in international tournaments, T1 is also a team that we have to be careful at the World Cup.