Platinumgames announces its supersummer festival for the weekend

PLATINUMGAMES will hold this Saturday, August 28 at 5:00 am its first Supersummer Festival . The event will be broadcast live on the internet (in the skylight above) to speak games, of course. And these are three games on which the eyes will be riveted for two hours.

No hope ?

People speaking the language of Mishima will be able to find the Wonderful 101, World of Demons and Floor Cresta. The first two games cited are already available on several media, and it could always be discussed, in addition to the scenes of development, any additional portages or contents. The surprise suite of Moon Cresta and Terra Cresta, she is always waiting on PS4, PC and Nintendo Switch. An exit date would not be amazing.

The program will be presented in three parts: Part 1 will focus on World of Demons and will feature special guests that will offer the scenes of the game development and will have additional information. During the second part, we will unveil for the first time Sol Cresta playing! And in Part 3, we will share some information about the last DLC for The Wonderful 101: remastered.

There will be a ton of information about our current and upcoming projects that you will only be able to get from this stream, so be sure to connect!

The description would almost hope. And why not a few words, at least, on Bayonetta 3, Babylon’s Fall or a G.G Project. Discrete since 2020? That said, maybe it’s a diversion to talk about abandonment … Forget what I just said, conspisters, forget!