BIC festivals in September online exhibition tickets for sale

The Busan Indian Cone Connect Pestee Organizing Committee will pre-sell online exhibition tickets for Busan Independent 2021 (BIC Festival 2021) on the 26th.

The BIC Festival 2021 online exhibition is open from September 9 to 30, and you can participate in the exhibition ticket to purchase. From August 26th to 6 pm on September 7th, you can purchase tickets at about 33% discounted prices from the BIC Festival Official website, and will be sold at a regular price for the online exhibition period (September 9 to 30 days).

Online Koreans can play the BIC Festival Official Homepage and play the examples. Offline participation can enter only the pre-selected Big Connect Tuss for prevention of corona 19 proliferation. Offline is held on the Busan E-Sports Stadium from September 9 to 11th.

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Busan India Cone Connect Pestee Seo Tai-gon Organization Chairman said, The 7th event of the Bic Festival, which can meet all the amazing ideas every year, said the 7th event of the Bic Festival in one place, said Bic Festival, said Bic Festival, I would like to have a lot of people who are going to be able to enjoy a colorful event online.